Who is Joe Alvin?

Simple man. Used to eat a lot. Walk everyday, sit when get tired. Sleep early at night, wake up late in the morning.

Born on February  8, 1993 at St. Marys’ Hospital in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. Currently resides in peaceful city of Valenzuela. An educated man; graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts from University of the East. Loves basketball and everything about the game. Faithful fan of Ginebra and a follower of Chicago Bulls. Passionate about reading (everything that can possibly read) Fascinate in chick flick movies and romance-comedy. Listening to music can set the mood, Bruno Mars in particular.

It’s his onus to sail. It’s his rights to go wherever he wants to. It’s his call. BUT God owns his life.

This blog is created as outlet of emotions by the owner and to give access to gazillions of stalker.lol

Reach him thru the following social media:





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